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April 13: New picture of Justin with Selena at the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

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back of the bach slumpty, humpty dumpty

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I saw Selena the other night and she’s got a big new song coming out. And a really cool video she shot. Which the video is interesting…I don’t wanna tell you too much before it’s officially done and this is the one she’s gonna release but the video will get people talking about whether or not it’s about she and Justin. That’s for sure. There are good looking youthful kids in it. I watched it and I looked at her and I listened to the lyrics and I’m like ‘Okay, this is gonna have people talking and wondering’.

Ryan Seacrest talks about Selena’s new music and new upcoming music video during On Air with Ryan Seacrest. (x)

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when you go in the bathroom and you don’t know if it’s water or pee on the ground


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